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Predictable pricing model

The big cloud boys have a super complex pricing model, overwhelming development and business teams. We believe in creating simple solutions for our community, this includes our price structures. Only buy what you need and easily scale your cloud computing needs in a reliable and predictable manner. Check out our packages below

Easy Deployment regardless of your Tech capabilities

We have integrated many one-click deployments and softwares so you can skip the hassle of installation and jump straight into your development work. We are constantly improving to equip all teams with their needed cloud computing solutions.

Regional Scalability and Super low latency

Singapore is the internet exchange for the ASEAN and our team is constantly upgrading to allow you to readily scale in the region with high reliability and super low latency

Integrating Open-source and Enterprise Softwares

Most of the cloud providers that are focused on Open-source developments do not provide licenses for enterprise softwares. Our Cloud allows you to integrate Vital Enterprise Softwares with the latest Open-source Innovations

Deploy Apps in 1 Click

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Brix Pricelist

Brix is an enterprise grade virtual machine solution which runs inside the BasicBrix cloud. Brix are easily scalable, so simply add more storage as your company expands. When you deploy Brix, you can respond to your business demands by increasing or decreasing at any time. They are a simple and easy method to upgrade your server.

*For companies using Windows, there will be an additional charge of USD $44 on top of your monthly Brix fees to account for Windows' monthly licensing fee

**Additional USD $10 charged per TB if bandwidth usage exceeds that of your subscription

Empower your business today from USD$5/month

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